Revolutionizing Cancer detection and Treatment 

At LAM, we are dedicated to nullifying the threat of cancer. Research shows that the key to this is to identify the presence of cancer in its infancy and begin taking steps immediately to halt its progress. Our mission is to revolutionize the process of early diagnosis and prognosis and ultimately, to finding lasting treatment for the disease.

LAM’s experts are diligently working to bring revolutionary technology in early detection to the healthcare marketplace. With goals of affordability and availability for all, LAM will endeavor to bring these technologies to your physician.

With an estimated almost 40% of adults in the U.S. being diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime, it is imperative that we unlock the key to eradicating this disease.

LAM aims to galvanize the healthcare industry into changing standards of care by identifying cancer early and reducing or even eliminating long, intense treatment regimens.


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The IvyGene test is a blood test that uses advanced DNA sequencing methods to detect the DNA methylation pattern of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood samples in order to both confirm the presence of cancer and give quantitative data about disease presence.

DNA Methylation has a firm foundation in science and is now being used for revolutionary new methods.

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We are excited to be attending some, prestigious conferences. We hope to see many of our physician partners at many of these events. Make sure to stop by the LAM and IvyGene test booth!

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The building blocks of IvyGene were published in Nature Materials! Learn more about DNA Methylation and how this technology is being used in revolutionary new ways.

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Commercially Available

LAM is excited to offer the IvyGene test, available now! The IvyGene test is a highly accurate blood test that confirms the presence of cancer and gives measurable information about cancer.

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