Laboratory for Advanced Medicine is dedicated to saving lives and changing the status quo of cancer detection by making new technology available TODAY.


Cancer continues to elude detection in early stages — giving the disease time to grow until the symptoms are too obvious to ignore. At that point, a late stage cancer becomes the diagnosis.

Detecting cancer early is the key to defeating it. At Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (LAM), our work is focused on detecting cancer in its infancy when treatment options are available and have a chance to be successful.

At LAM we are developing the innovative tools and technologies and introducing products to help physicians and their patients in the fight against cancer.

IvyGene, LAM’s first product, detects the presence of cancer in blood samples and gives quantifiable data about the disease.

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LAM’s scientists have worked diligently to develop revolutionary technology in early detection.

Building on this work, LAM created a platform for the discovery of methylation biomarkers that utilizes proprietary software with a U.S. patent issued and PCT/China/Taiwan applications published. The software is based on proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning methods that play a key role in our ability to make testing available and allow LAM to continue discovering new methylation biomarkers.

Further tests under development are based on ctDNA methylation detection methods made possible by our proprietary discovery of CpG islands for cancer diagnostic use.

Our innovations have allowed LAM to make this technology available today making testing accurate and affordable.

As a result of our research efforts, LAM also owns the world’s largest clinically validated methylation qualified sample bank.

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Laboratory for Advanced Medicine was formed with a specific goal in mind—saving lives through early detection.

LAM accelerated development of this life saving technology through passionate, ethical and diligent efforts, allowing us to introduce products years ahead of similar efforts.

LAM is working towards galvanizing the healthcare industry into changing standards of care by identifying cancer early and reducing or even eliminating long, intense treatment regimens.

We believe our approach is revolutionary and long overdue.

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