About LAM

LAM is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on developing cutting edge non-invasive, non-toxic technologies for early diagnosis and intervention, possibly years before symptoms arise. LAM is dedicated to building and growing world class technologies still in development from the laboratory to your home. LAM operates scientifically, ethically, and efficiently to bring these cutting edge technologies into the mainstream.

LAM is headquartered in the United States with offices in California, Texas, and Indiana. LAM is a multinational business with collaborations in both the United States and China, including leading scientists, physicians, research institutions, and business leaders. LAM strives to combine the experiences of these innovators and achievers in order to provide the healthiest and safest diagnostic technologies to everyone.

LAM has CLIA and CAP certified laboratories, 3rd party laboratories, and cGMP facilities all working towards the endeavor of bringing these first-class technologies into the medical community.

Latest News

Biotech Showcase Press Release

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New Conferences

We are excited to be attending some new, prestigious conferences this fall. We hope to see many of our physician partners at many of these events. IvyGene will be represented at an exhibit booth, please make sure to stop by!

Learn more about DNA Methylation

The building blocks of IvyGene were published in Nature Materials! Learn more about DNA Methylation and how this technology is being used in revolutionary new ways.

Visit the link to learn more: www.nature.com/nmat/

Product Launch

LAM is excited to offer the IvyGene test, available now! The IvyGene test is a highly accurate blood test that confirms the presence of cancer and gives measurable information about cancer.

Visit www.ivygenelabs.com for more information.


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